Great Excavations Amphibious Excavators

Built to Work – Engineering, Environment, Energy

At Great Excavations, we set the bar high for amphibious excavators that can go into the most uninviting terrain, without limitation. Regardless of the task, our amphibious excavation and support vehicles can get you where you want to go with the added benefit of a smaller environmental footprint. From rehabilitating a seismic cut line to repairing and replacing aging pipelines, Great Excavations has unique solutions that deliver results.

With a variety of attachments and configurations, our amphibious equipment is there to do the job better. Attachments include dredges, pile drivers, tree cutters and many more. All of our equipment can be customized to suit the client’s specific job requirements.

Our equipment has been used in a variety of sectors and applications, including oil field, municipal government and environmental remediation projects.

We have owned and operated many brands of amphibious equipment, and our extensive experience makes us an industry leader in determining what works best, and where. Most importantly, we know what happens when things don’t go right—and we are constantly evolving to build a safer work environment while providing a superior product and service. We achieve this by working with the product manufacturers we represent, and incorporating what we’ve learned into new product design.