We offer different configurations of excavators to meet the needs of the project, from large capacity buckets to long reach booms and specialized attachments to meet almost any application.

In addition, we offer either a standard or telescopic undercarriage model of excavators to address transportation or site restrictions.

We have made vast advances in the last few years on this equipment. We originated the design of the dual cab. This allows us to provide training where no one else can. It also allows us to create a safer work environment by having a second person participate in the work activities, letting the operator operate and the other crew perform their specific job task such as maintaining bird averts, taking water samples or running geotechnical equipment. We can install a dual seat and there is room for 3. This unique configuration has been a real asset when needed to rescue people stranded on boats or on equipment that has fallen through the muskeg. The other note able advancements have been in the remote controlled sector. We have made the equipment fully remote controlled with a virtual working environment that takes away any risk of life… and does not have to put people in the position of suiting up with air packs to perform a job. Our capabilities extend beyond this, we are at the onset of unmanned trucks that are guided by GPS and controlled by remote for positioning and special maneuvers.

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