At Great Excavations, our amphibious equipment is ideal for pipeline and right-of-way work in wet, swampy, muskeg areas.

We’re a game changer because we take away the uncertainty of working on wet terrain. Our clients are able to work for six to eight months a year in Northern Alberta, compared to the six to eight weeks available to those using traditional methods.

Amphibious equipment also makes sense for land reclamation. From an environmental standpoint, there’s a reduced carbon footprint: we don’t have the logistical issues of transporting water for ice roads or mats for building roads.

By not using mats, we are able to reduce the risk of transporting ground contaminants (such as infectious weeds), since our equipment can be thoroughly cleaned between sites. We also have a small environmental footprint because our equipment has such a low ground pressure.

These benefits mean we can improve your project’s efficiency and keep costs down. Our pipe hauler can carry and crane two massive pipes or numerous small ones that would otherwise take two or more side booms to carry and maneuver around a site safely. This means you have one piece of equipment doing twice the job—and that just makes good business sense.