Sewage Lagoons

The amphibious equipment provided by Great Excavations can be used year-round to access sewage lagoons and to excavate and clean out around the pump infrastructure. Manned amphibious excavators or the unmanned remote control equipped excavator can be used to remove the “risk of life” element from the activity.

Sewer Lagoon

This picture depicts the amphibious excavator with the telescopic undercarriage that reduces in width to make for more economical transportation on our roads and highways. In this application, the water level was brought down until we could find the drainage pipe for the lagoon which was plugged solid. We located the pipe, unplugged it and dredged a large area around, in front, and side-to-side so as to prevent this from happening for many more years. This lagoon has a good 3 feet of waste sediments, but due to the overall capacity is not due to be cleaned out anytime soon.