About Us

X300AD-L-Photos2_Page_01Our Ideas
Great Excavations develops unique solutions that fit our changing world. Since our inception in 2010, we have worked with our clients and associates to develop individualized groundbreaking amphibious equipment solutions, while also helping them access new and interesting technologies.

Our work solves a lot of problems for a lot of people, which is why we focus on the business development of amphibious equipment in the Canadian marketplace. A smaller carbon footprint, increased safety and cost benefit are just three reasons to start asking about amphibious equipment today.

Our Business
At Great Excavations, we are dedicated to developing different configurations of excavators to meet the needs of your specific project, including excavators fitted with large capacity buckets, long reach booms and other specialized attachments.

We also offer either a standard or telescopic undercarriage model to address transportation or site restrictions.

Our focus on bringing practical solutions to the marketplace extends to how we do business. This is why we offer leasing and rental options for all of our equipment.

Our Safety Strategy
To better meet the demand for increased safety on uncertain terrain, Great Excavations has introduced an unmanned version of the excavator and support vehicles. From supply and crew mobilization to high capacity amphibious trucks, Great Excavations is a leader in introducing this technology to the marketplace.

Our Environmental Commitment
At Great Excavations, our commitment to the environment also provides cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods of working on muskeg and wet terrain. By thinking about problems differently, we are able to lower our clients’ environmental footprint through addressing accessibility and maintenance issues in new and different ways.

Contact Us
For more information, contact Great Excavations when you have a project that needs the flexibility and versatility that only our excavators can deliver.

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